POE: Fans miss important changes from new Delirium patch
POE: Fans miss important changes from new Delirium patch Mar 30

POE: Fans miss important changes from new Delirium patch

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Development studio Grinding Gear Games has released a new patch for the delirium league, which is mainly adapted to Hack and Slays Path of Exile (PC, PS4, Xbox One), but players have not enjoyed the convenience brought by major changes.

What has been updated in the new patch? In addition to the necessary bug fix updates, in Patch 3.10.1, the improved Path of Exile (PoE) delirium view and <a title="Buy POE Currency, POE Trade Currency, Cheap POE Orbs - PoeCurrency" href="https://www.poecurrency.com/">POE Currency</a> will also be presented to players. There are also updates that help you better understand what death modifiers some monsters have. Under normal circumstances, many effects can be more clearly seen through the rational use of patches. Moreover, the Path of Exile Currency will be better allocated. Players can use the map device to select the atlas task in a straightforward manner, and it will have a larger aura effect, and will no longer be affected by the enemy's aura of benefit.

How do players react to the release of the new update? In essence, this is very exciting because some interesting and important changes have been added. But things have two sides. One important point was missed.

What did players miss? In the delirium area where the new alliance joins, players have little chance to collect rewards, as the number of battles with monsters will be greatly reduced. Under normal circumstances, there is not a lot of time to carry all the <a title="POE Items, Buy POE Items Cheap - PoeCurrency" href="https://www.poecurrency.com/poe-items">POE Items</a> at all. Therefore, players must also visit these areas multiple times, and this backtracking increases the anxiety of players.

There were developers who asked for information that could not determine if the timer could be adjusted so that players had enough time to collect rewards. So far, this has not happened. The newly released patch also announced that it will not change the timer.
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