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NBA 2K21 gamers that are fighting with the revamped shot meter should not feel alone, as even Portland Trailblazer star point guard Damian Lillard is having difficulty using it.Lillard, the cover athlete for NBA 2K21's regular edition, is famous for his shooting touch, together with career highs of 43.7percent on field goals, 37.3percent on three-pointers, and 88.9percent on free throws. Those proportions, however, apparently don't take over to NBA 2K21.

Even NBA 2K21 cover star Damian Lillard is fighting

The shooting mechanic in NBA 2K21 was overhauled after comments it was too easy on NBA 2K20. The developers may have made shooting too hard though, with players responding to Lillard's tweet with their own struggles with the match's shot meter.

The shot meter has also received its share of supporters, with some asserting that players will get used to it on time. The complaints with the attribute, meanwhile, have previously pushed NBA 2K21 gameplay manager Mike Wang to share tips for the attribute, while asking players to"be patient."

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