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While at first the Drifter attacks appeared unmanageable since the extent and scale of those attacks had yet to become fully understood, after a while what seemed as a exciting new wrinkle at the Invasion expansion storyline soon became bothersome. Attacks appeared to halt about a week into the invasion, but were immediately picked back up within a day or so. Player structures have been destroyed by the invasion, such as a Citadel based on Jin'Taan, a former member of the Council of Stellar Management, via Twitter.

Leaders of the great player-run corporations are meeting to determine how to react to the Drifter attacks, especially how to push at CCP Games for launching these NPC invasions. Many people in Nullsec feel as though the multiplayer gameplay has been compromised from the Drifter invasions. Many alliance leaders are upset that the drifter invasion interrupted player struggles, many of which were months in the building. Imperium's leader, '' The Mittani, summed up what many are feeling when talking to PCGamer:

"The Imperium was in the midst of prosecuting a war involving tens of thousands of real players. We're annoyed that we have needed to stop our player vs player war and mill through what numbers to World of Warcraft-style raid content, however we have already broken down the way the Drifter AI works and also have successfully defended our constructions so far. I look forward to going back to real player vs player content, which explains why I quit WoW for EVE at the first place."

Check out www.EVE Echoes.com for more details.
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