A Specific Look (Or Set Of Looks)
A Specific Look (Or Set Of Looks) Oct 16

A Specific Look (Or Set Of Looks)

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Having a caveat that it would be so so so wonderful to receive our own AIS's that may be summoned, or at least piloted from the hub, and had adequate ability designs, or notably customizable AIS's which have equipment slots and materials. Fundamentally Skells from XCX. Simple question . Where is the S coming out of? GeneSis? Why? Nothing else will abbreviations like that. A minor nitpick I know but damn does it throw me off. However, please note that as the game program in PSO2:NGS is different,"Inventory Expansion,""Skill Tree Addition", the duration of"Expand Max Orders Limit" and"Personal Quarters Use," and enhancements of"Mags" and"Auxiliary Partners" do not receive the same benefit. Please be assured that they will still stay the same in the realm of PSO2.

It is going to be exactly the same as it's in PSO2 only with another money not called"Meseta".Because they literally said it be different. They stated that the in game currency, which may not be Meseta, will probably be utilized. Meseta is the in game currency for PSO2. Meseta won't be the in game currency for NGS. Because they are separate savings. Individuals who've played pso2 for some time have a lot of cash which would do strange things to the market. Going to say they're probably only doing it to reset the dreadful inflation that happened in Japan and is happening to the US server right now. Maybe just maybe they could make individuals farm cash from drop instead of daily in this one. I honestly hate that doing dumb pursuit is the best way to generate meseta while enjoying the game is not worth it.

Commissioned artwork of my pso2 character

Really loving these art posts...I'd really like to get my character attracted one of these days. Sadly I haven't settled on a particular look (or set of appearances ) that I am delighted with. That is frustrating considering she's based from one of my long standing OC's. That is really amazing, and if I could put on a single ensemble for over an hour, I would totally commission one as well.

Check out www.pso2ah.com for more details.
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