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This together with all that I am seeing on both r/Madden as well as r/MaddenUltimateTeam cements me not purchasing Madden for the first time since Madden 05 at least before the new consoles come out. I do play MUT and have invested quite some time into it the past five years but because the MUT staff gave up earlier in the summer that I saw how much I really didn't enjoy this manner, just lacked continuous upgrades and articles. To see that the 6-7 bullet points that they had been adding to Franchise along with nothing else broke my heart.

I am not shutting the door on Madden forever or even'21, I will (as I am certain that most will) need to see actual effort put in this years game in both Franchise and overall greater communication from the Madden team before I give a thought to paying money for a glorified Madden 20 update.

What exactly happened to MUT summer time? Nothing. Which was my point. They proceeded onto'21 sooner than normal and there wasn't any material for ~ two months. I have been Madden-free on console for 3 years. It's incredibly sad, but simply not worth my effort if EA isn't likely to put in the effort. Broken: running out with Jackson and sexy routing your drag path up. 100% guarantee catch. Defense doesn't react to anything. I get having a half second gap for reaction time but straight up nothing? Oh he is just very mint and young so in franchise you're able to get him amazingly good. I've had him take little 5 yard outs to the house cutting a dime on the sideline running up or just taking a bubble screen for six.

It is sad tho that the games turning into"if you've got this ability, it'll be okay". Sorry but any professional nfl player should be able to do everything the abilities offer to start with. You can not have abilities in an animation based game. If this was ncaa 14 or atleast a football game with real time physics it would bedifferent. All they did was copy and paste and add the lawn and give Washington a blank area. Yeppp. Wow. I expected very very little and even intended to purchase it with these low expectations but they moved under the bar.

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