If A Fellow Clan Member Obtained The Position
If A Fellow Clan Member Obtained The Position Nov 11

If A Fellow Clan Member Obtained The Position

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I've purchased madden every single year since 06' the day it is released. I just play with online versus mode. The gameplay has numerous flaws every year. . This will be the first season I do not purchase madden. . Type of sad frankly. But with the overwhelmingly negative testimonials such as yours I'm taking the year off.

I understand there has to be developers for these games on here somewhere so here is my plea. PLEASE for the love of god realize that you somehow still have a fairly loyal fan base who will purchase your games for exactly the same reasons Knick's fans buy tickets and jerseys. We grew up with you guys and are able to remember the days when you brought us legitimate joy to the highest degree. We place an absurd quantity of money in your pockets EVERY single year and we find ourselves begging, literally, for its simplest improvements. What are you doing with that idiotic heap of gold you're handed more than in and year out? We've got little to no choices so we keep coming back to you but you can tell it's like a failing relationship at this point. We're in it for the relaxation and not the quality now, and just like a shitty spouse you guys just leach from us and do not hear a thing we say or function on something we request. I have no reason to purchase this game based off recent ones,and also the new reviews for this particular one. Yes, its only a game, however it is your job to take care of it like a passion and livelihood because for us it could be more than that. It can be a fantastic moment with friends, a break from the real world, or yes even just a game. Regardless of why we played we gave you guys money with all the anticipation of this bare minimum and you deny at this stage and even laugh at our faces acting like you are putting out the highest quality content, when that's our job to decide and review. Guess what? Replies in. . .we hate it and feel cheated. We have been cheated. You guys clearly do not give a **** and at this point I expect 2k puts a match, because it could be just as good as your sorry matches and I, along with a few million other people, could still purchase it as a **** you to you **** wads. Do you not believe us if we say we miss you guys giving a ****? Do you not care? It's way more offensive than you men realize and that I wish you gave a **** about us....you don't.

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