How Much Are Theyand/Or Do I Need To Do A Search
How Much Are Theyand/Or Do I Need To Do A Search Nov 14

How Much Are Theyand/Or Do I Need To Do A Search

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I don't wish to spend weeks doing it, I DO NOT wish to twist Flax, I do not wish to'Camp' at the Crafting Guild, I don;t care of building a Profit...I simply don't want to invest tons of money on this objective. I need 61 Crafting as quickly as possible and when possible under 200K ( In case your strategy is very very quickly I am willing to spend up to 300K if you can convince me to do it). ... too, If you'd like to buy around 2.5K Coifs feel free to PM me. . .If you buy 100+ I shall sell at 100ea (GE has lowest Cost at 120ea)

I had been watching a movie and they'd kings knights coaching place I did quests to get in there along with its gr8 but hit alot of 0's (orges in cages) but in ways itsd fantastic as u dont need to conduct about making crabs pop up... can somebody help me? What is the ideal place to train range using a cannon? I've: 46hp, 62 range, 1 prayer, 1 def, 50 mage, str and att are non. There my stats incase and my cb is 41... The places I know are... Rock crabs, Kings knight coaching area, Stronghold. They are the areas I know that give me great range xp and no additional xp if I use cannon.

I'm thinking of trying again. I'm level 77, attack: 64, Power: 62, Defence: 62, Hitpoints: 62, Range: 50, Mage: 54, Prayer: 48. I utilize lobsters, I have dragon legs, dragon dagger (p++), granite platebody, dragon medium helm, granite shield, dragon mace, dragon longsword, ancient mace, rune hally, (a couple other melee weapons), I've a magical bow, I have a tendency to use iron arrows, magic I have the runes needed. Though I prefer melee I am much better at it. I've splitbark armor. Please inform me exactly what to do to defeat Treus. I am better using melee, but if I need to do half and half I'll do it. How should I do it. Thanks.

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