The Speediest Is Shilo Fly Fishing
The Speediest Is Shilo Fly Fishing Nov 24

The Speediest Is Shilo Fly Fishing

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That is the majority of it. To start off you should go to the second highest room you can enter and start opening the urns. When you think you have enough time to hunt all of the urns in the next room do it. Make sure you receive each one the urns in the previous room you can get into. This means more xp. I dislike the tombs because I'm such a very low level and might die from the mummy or the bugs.

Things to wear: I typically wear nothing and whatever can lower your own weight. But in case you opt to loot the tombs I'd wear some good armour. Your Invi: It ought to have 1-3 anti posions or more if you prefer. And about 1/2 your Invi with some decent food. Don't bring in sharks or swordies, since it will just be a waste. What to keep: Really nice you have done Contact. I'm having trouble due to my battle level. Anyways Since you've done Contact I'd save it all. Or just store the Golden ones since there those with the highest value. I also think there is another pursuit where you are able to note all of the statues (except Golden) and sell them into the man by the Agility Pyramid. I really don't remember what quest.

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