Which May Occur With The Change
Which May Occur With The Change Nov 28

Which May Occur With The Change

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If you AFK traveled to a null system, you either landed in a station or in open space. You weren't doing anything in match in any event. However, unless you're still watching your phone, you weren't playing instantly on your destination. You waited for the telling you arrived then logged in. In the latter scenario, you are still waiting on the telling to play.Yes, but you can do the dishes/finish that report at work/pay bills/whatever in the meantime.

Oryou could do the matter in Null, then AFK traveling back if your bus reached its destination or your children needed food.How is a longer period trip making any difference in these types of situations? I say remove Autopilot out of Nullsec entirely and make it completely safe in lowsec. Yes, eliminate the dumb thing where you can use autopilot as a get-out-of-jail free card like they did, that was terrible.

When did devs state afk travel would be fully safe? I'm curious, since if they did state that then safe autopilot couldn't have been a bug.It's not more or less afk travel. That has a consequence of being safe, especially if you chose"choose safer" that is supposed to prevent 0.4 and reduced. It doesn't always (because of bugs) and can't always (due to a high sec systems being surrounded by reduced sec).

Check out www.EVE Echoes.com for more details.
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