Those Seeking To Change Platforms Are Going
Those Seeking To Change Platforms Are Going Dec 11

Those Seeking To Change Platforms Are Going

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Injuries play a huge part in the way the NFL Power Rankings are ordered. The loss of a couple of key guys can wreak havoc on the standing process -- and the league at large. But few seasons have seen as many important injuries this early as 2020 has. When it's the absence of preseason repetitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic or just 2020-style bad luck, a lot of star players have been knocked out of action. We had our NFL Nation writers select the largest injury on the group they cover and evaluate its impact. The way we rank within our Power Rankings: Our power panel -- a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities -- evaluates how teams stack up throughout the season.

Amazon Prime Day is here, and thanks to retailer competition, it is now one of the biggest online sale days of the year. Right now, you can catch the newly released Madden NFL 21 to get half-off at both Amazon and Target. The sale takes the price down to $30, a huge reduction from its usual $60. At Amazon, the MVP Edition is also down to half price, at $50 from the usual $100. However, the PS4 and Xbox One games are now out of stock for around a week. You can buy the electronic version of the Xbox One match and receive it immediately.

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