Why do the rich buy houses when they don't use those rooms?

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A few years ago I sold my tech company; it put millions on my assets in the sale.

What do you do if you unexpectedly have a lot of money?

You continue to acquire the stuff you have desired or the stuff that other rich people have.

There was a Ferrari. A large house. A big house. A ship. A private jet. A private jet. Holiday home. Holiday home.

The Ferrari was an unbrainer... even though the $250,000 sticker price seems to be like a lot of money, if you have a $30m+ on your bank account, it's a real change in pockets.

Yacht /Jet/holiday home-I finally didn't buy because I saw the money, and they made no sense. When you use it, it's better to rent it / charter it. You save a lot of money and a lot of pain and you have the same knowledge.

It was a different house. It wasn't just "purchasing what I always needed," it was also building/creating something that I had to see nearly every day.

I have therefore built this:

A building with 11,000 sq.ft, 5 rooms main house, 2 rooms guest house, 125 Ft. swimming pool with waterfall and grotto, ship accommodation. $1.5 million of custom-built furniture imported from France alone. For three months, French artists have been staying there to paint all interior walls.

The son of my Contractor General then said: "Father, when have you finished building this hotel?”

How was it so large? I haven't been out to convince other people at all. However, as I have been seen in many other large houses, I have purposely never built some "Garrantuan," like a two-story high living area because it was "too huge" as cozy. I needed something that would always make you feel "I'm back," not "I'm in a hotel room." I wanted something

The design was based on an ancient manor house previously built there. In addition to the original design, I made a list of things I wanted to have:

  • a wide separate kitchen that allows them sufficient space when you invite people and want a food catering company
  • a more casual "breakfast zone" formal restaurant
  • A big master room suite with a large bathroom and many quirky units for showers
  • A wide wardrobe (after some time people rush out of the room)
  • a home office
  • My (then) girlfriend's home office
  • 3 extra bedrooms in the main house–guests at that time but up to 3 children later.
  • A pool table for billiards
  • A theatre for home
  • The house gym
  • a Jacuzzi roof terrace
  • A private live-in couple staff apartment or a friend or couple who could stay for a period of time without being in their face at all times.

When the designer had all included in my survey, they were 11,000 sq.ft. Unless every space is extremely large. This contributes just.

So we constructed it, I liked how we did. This cost 8 million dollars (without the land) and took three years.

What I didn't expect and many other people are not shocked by how much upkeep you need to do in a big house relative to a little house without a "Mansion" background. If your estate has 7 AC units, as compared to 1-one will fail 7 times more often. If there are five separate swimming pool pumps and four heaters, maintenance is much more important than if you had two. Engine.-Generator. Home automation network. Home automation system. The filtering device of water. Tanks of fish. Fitness facilities. You basically need a full-time property manager, a part-time electrician, a full time housekeeper, a full time outdoor cleaning person, a gardener, and a handyman.

This meant that, as other replies have pointed out, you no longer have privacy during normal business hours. All over the town, too many men. And everybody asks you "How do you want me to do this?"; "Will that look all right? ".

I eventually reduced the workers at the property to 11:00-3:00 Mon-Fri. And I always sat at my workplace during that time and therefore did not have to interact with the team in the building. It worked fine, obviously.

Once we had kids, life became more complicated. Then you see stuff completely different, because it's no longer yours, it's your children. You must be happy. They haven't been. We were not. The house was too big, too frightening. They get lost and nobody hears them cry. You can't let them outside without supervision because all the different pools and the seawall are impossible to child-proof. There are too many steep staircases everywhere that need to be locked up. Too many storage areas with dangerous tools.

At the start, we relocated to the a5-bedroom apartment, all on one floor and without issues with child protection. Good enough to have the room to hear someone weeping on the other side, however, limited enough. It can be easily accessible from the bedroom to the kitchen, instead of moving 300 feet on 2 stages, within several seconds.

A large house (such as a giant yacht) is pleasant to prepare and build, having friends is nice, and once in a while, it is the perfect place for a big party.

It's a nightmare to manage, and not good at all for a family with small children, or if you value your privacy.

Before you begin, you are worried that something good enough for the future family will be built/built. You realize too late that if the children are there you really need' manageable' and not' enormous.'

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