Affiliate Program

Famebies Affiliate Program Policies

Famebies Affiliates Program offers its users to earn money for creating content. Famebies Affiliate Program helps users to generate rewards for surfing their worthy time on Famebies. To Apply for the Famebies Affiliate Program simply register on Famebies and create your account. You do not need to apply anywhere else. When you create your profile, Famebies automatically enrolls you to use the Famebies Affiliate Program. (Terms Conditions Apply).

How To Use Famebies Affiliate Program?

Famebies Affiliate Program works on a unique business model. We pay our loving users for what they share over the social network. When you create content on Famebies your account generates a specific amount of points and then these points are automatically converted into the earning. To check your estimated earnings go to your Account SettingsCurrent Balance.

Get Started!

Famebies earning system and an affiliate system is for every content creator who can produce quality content to let the world see what you have to showcase. Famebies allows its users to upload their personal creative videos which they can use to monetize on Famebies. Famebies does not run ads on your uploaded content and credits your account at the time of upload with the points later you can withdraw in the form of money. You can always check your earned points and current balance in your Famebies account settings under theEarningstab.As our team monitors the content 24/7 to provide a safe platform to everyone please read Famebies Content Terms Conditions.

  • Upgrade your account to at-least STAR Pro Membership

  • Upload Photos and Videos

  • Create Orignal and Quality Content.

  • Invite Other People To Join Famebies. (For inviting people you are always credited and this does not have to do anything with points.)

  • Please Read Content Policies.

Payment Eligibility:

Your payment eligibility depends on a lot of factors. When it comes to our payment department we check your payout request and process it very strictly. Our Payment Department Officer reviews all your profile information and content you produced on Famebies. You must complete your profile before you submit a request for your payment. If you invited someone and he did not use Famebies for at least 7-Days the earning for inviting the person will be deducted from your account. If Famebies Payment Officer finds your account is spamming your payment request will be declined. Your account must have at least RS.130/PKR before you can submit a request for payout. You must have the least Famebies Pro Package activated on your profile. (STAR PRO MEMBER)

My Affiliate Link

Go to your Famebies Account Settings My Affiliates.

Content Terms and Conditions

Famebies Content Terms and Conditions are down below:

  • Creating multiple accounts with your own referral link is prohibited

  • Inviting Spam Users

  • Invite at-least 3 Users on Famebies.

  • Creating content that violates the Famebies Content Terms Conditions/

  • You'll not be paid for the promotional content or product/service marketing.

  • at least Star Member.

  • Do not spam posts (e.g Posting Emojis or the same type of posts repeatedly).

  • Promoting any other websites without creating a paid campaign is prohibited.

  • Posting Poor quality content is prohibited.

  • Posting the same content multiple times is prohibited.

  • Posting of adult sexualcontent is strictly prohibited.

  • The humiliation of any gender or person is strictly prohibited.

  • Aggressive or disrespect about any religion or some's personal views is prohibited.

  • All Illegal acts or promotion of such things is prohibited.

  • Showing blood and aggressive content is strictly prohibited.

  • Uploading content that shows the harm to animals will not be tolerated at all.

Eligible Countries:


If your country is not on the list please visit our contact center or wait for us. As we are including some additional payment services to make Famebies Earnings System available worldwide.

Want to give your feedback? consider going to theContactcenter.