Famebies Verification Badge


Welcome to Famebies Verification Badge Guide!
Famebies offers its users to verify their Famebies Profile and Brands get verified with Green Badge which shows that the Profile or the Brand Available on Famebies is Officially verified by Famebies. Famebies Allows its users to get their Profile/Brands verified with Famebies Green Badge Easily! There are two steps to get verified on Famebies:


Famebies Pro Users can get their Famebies Profile verified without any Verification Process by upgrading an account at Famebies Go Pro. Buy any subscription which offers the Verification Badge and your profile will be verified.

Famebies Verification For Brands and Officials

To get verified on Famebies through Famebies Verification process you must have
  4. LEGAL DOCUMENT (National ID Card/Passport/Bank Statement)
  5. Submit at: https://www.Famebies.com/setting/verification

Once you submit all the required document and Click on the Send button to send the information to Famebies Team. Famebies Team will review your request, If your account qualifies your Famebies Profile or Brand will be verified within 7 Business Days.

NOTE: In case you change your Name or Username on Famebies account your verification badge will be removed automatically.

What happens with my data?

Your uploaded legal documents and your photo is only for the verification purpose and we do not use this information anywhere else. Your provided information is always in encrypted form and can only be accessed by Famebeis Verification Team.
Your Uploaded documents are deleted after the verification process has been completed. If you need further assistance Your can contact our support team through email
Contact Support Team.

Kind Regards,
-Famebies Team